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Ifafi Aquatic Club P.O. Box 358 • Ifafi • 0260 Die Ou Wapad • Hartbeespoort
Club Rules 1) Day visitors welcome 2) Campers welcome 3) No pets allowed as the club is classified as a nature reserve 4) No loud music at any time day or night 5) No quads allowed by campers and day visitors. Club members are allowed quads with certain strict rules and requlations 6) No firearms allowed 7) NO FIRES ON GRASS. Only in designated areas 8) Speed limit on clubroads 10km/hour (max) 9) No fishing from club jetties 10) Overnight bookout time is 10:00 in the morning Boat Rules 1) Only boats with approved SAMSA skipper licence and certificate of compliance (COC) can be launched at the clubs. No exceptions 2) Set of boat rules and boat requirements can be supplied by the club on request Bird Safety Rules 1) Slow (no wake zone) for boats near the islands 2) No persons allowed on islands 3) No pets allowed in club to scare or chase the birds 4) Let's live in harmony with nature! GATE TIMES: - Summer: 06H00 – 18H00 - Winter: 07:00 - 18:00 PLEASE NOTE: NO DOGS OR QUADS Should any visitor be found with a DOG or QUAD on the PREMISES they will be asked to leave IMMEDIATELY with NO Refund! Rates for day visitors and overnight camping - COMING SOON Wendys and Flatlet can not be rented for one night only over a weekend. Bookings only confirmed after receipt of 50% payment. Fax proof of payment to 086 244 2904 Email proof of payment to info@ifafi.co.za If any queries, contact reception at (012) 259 0063 or 076 011 7070 All bookings require a 50% deposit within 48 hours otherwise booking will be automatically cancelled. DOWNLOAD OUR PRICELIST CLICK ON THE ICON
NOTICE TO ALL VISITORS These premises are classified as a NATURE RESERVE and as such, controlled by THE DEPARTMENT OF WATER AFFAIRS’s rules and regulations. RIGHT OF ADMISSION IS RESERVED The following local rules apply: • Day visitors strictly 06:00 - 18:00 • No loud music any time, day or night • Bird Islands are out of bounds • No quads allowed for visitors • No dogs allowed • No fire arms allowed • Only SAMSA approved boats and skippers may launch at the launching area • No entry for boats/watercrafts beyond demarcated areas • The jetty in front of the bird island may be used for mooring, boats/watercrafts to procede to the jetty only and at “no wake speed” • No noise after 22:00 (10pm) on all club rules • Speed limit 10kph • Use only demarcated main roads • No fires unless in provided facilities – STRICTLY NO FIRES ON THE GRASS • No fishing from club jetties • Maximum of 6 visitors per stand is allowed • Overnight bookout time is 10:00 the next morning • Kindly refrain from throwing sigarette buds and fishing line on the grass and despose thereof in the dustbins provided
BANKING DETAILS ABSA CHEQUE ACC ACC NO: 405 519 6230 BRANCH CODE: 632 005 REF NO ................... If guests do not adhere to the rules and regulations set out by Ifafi Aquatic Club, they will be evicted with no refund. A DEPOSIT IS REQUIRED WITHIN 48 HOURS AFTER YOUR BOOKING IS CONFIRMED. Please keep electrical usage to a minimum as we are limited by the local authority to quantity available. We are a family orientated club and would like everyone to enjoy our spectacular nature and location. If you are subjected to any form of racist or drunken behavior or foul language, please report this to the office. Any visitor or friends that do not adhere to the above will be EVICTED WITH NO REFUND